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Paul Bailey, who I am and what I bring to politics

Re: Standing up for the people of New Forest West

My warm and sincere greetings to all residents of the New Forest West parliamentary constituency. For your information, this is where I live and work and I was proud to stand as the UKIP candidate during the 2015 General Election and humbled to have almost 8,000 good people vote for me. Although finishing a very creditable second, as well as a strong second in several local district and county elections, those results have not given me a position of influence by which I can help change the way politics is run and ultimately delivered to the people. That is why I may still stand in the next General Election noting that this could be called or forced upon us at any time, especially bearing in mind the chaotic nature of the Tory led Brexit negotiations.

Paul BaileyPersonally, I want to champion Brexit and believe as a business owner exporting millions of pounds both into and outside the European Union, I am as experienced and well placed as anybody to comment upon, help and advise those who wish to achieve a positive Brexit for our country. It would serve England and this constituency well to redraw the political map and elect a professional career businessman to defend and encourage that process through to a successful completion.

I cannot finish this introduction without appealing to animal rights supporters as this is my other reason d'ĂȘtre alongside Brexit. Please remember when you next cast your vote, the country you want and more immediately, the area you live in, will be greatly determined by the skill set and drive of individual MP's. A vote for Paul Bailey will bring a more dynamic intensity to politics here in the New Forest.

NEW FOREST WEST CONSTITUENCY includes the towns of Fordingbridge, Ringwood, New Milton and Lymington and Pennington, and the smaller parishes of Bransgore, Breamore, Burley, Damerham, Ellingham Harbridge & Ibsley, Godshill, Hale, Hordle, Hyde, Martin, Milford-on-Sea, Rockbourne, Sandleheath, Sopley, Whitsbury and Woodgreen.

Promoted by Paul Bailey on behalf of UKIP New Forest West Constituency Association both of 9 Benmore Close, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6UE.